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Business Contract Negotiation for Procurement

Get valuable advice on how to build a quality contract for all your business procurement contract negotiations, and learn what makes for a longer term negotiation agreement that is satisfying to all negotiating parties

Mediation Education for Schools: Negotiation Class Training

Negotiation and mediation training is being taught to children in the classroom and receiving good results. Cultural differences are being overcome as students learn the benefits of cooperation in school.

Renegotiating Agreements in a Tough Economy - by Steve Jones

Two behaviours start to become prevalent when the economy becomes difficult: the first is people start to measure the wrong thing - and the second is everybody wants to renegotiate “done" deals.

Using your Whole Brain in Negotiations

In business today there are many kinds of negotiations. We are continually negotiating with colleagues, staff, partners, management, clients and suppliers. This article explores how we can best use an understanding of HBDI Herrmann Whole Brain thinking to improve your negotiation skills and results. We use the IT sector to illustrate.


Collaborative Negotiation Strategy
Learn how to take a collaborative negotiation approach by understanding the needs and interests of all your commercial clients.

Negotiation Training and Sales Strategy

Create a negotiation sales strategy for your organization. One approach to creating a negotiation strategy is mapped out in summary.

Negotiation Skills Training for Sales and Procurement

Discover how organizations can enhance their negotiation training skills to increase their sales revenue and drive down procurement costs.


A Creative Model for Team Negotiations - by Michal Zieba
Increase the creativity of your negotiation team.Develop the professional resources of your business by focussing on skills within your organisa tion.

Cultural Negotiation Boundaries - by Professor Manie Spoelstra

Vital intercultural secrets essential to negotiators deal success across borders internationally

How to Neutralise Aggressive Negotiators Tactics - by Calum Coburn

Beat aggression through managing the manipulative negotiation tactics of the other party by asking the right questions.

Negotiation Opening Offer  - by Dr DP Venter
Whether negotiators are busy negotiating the acquisition of a new business, a revised wage agreement, or the purchase of a property, one of the negotiators needs to make the first offer. The million-dollar questions are....

Negotiating Strategic Alliance Partnerships - by Associate Professor Rajesh Kumar
Navigate the complex challenges of strategic alliances through planning your partner relationships. Deal with ambiguity management problems.

10 Key Lessons from the World of Negotiation - Part 2 - by Dr David Venter
Learn five valuable tips to enhance your negotiation with another party. Use questions to find opportunity, and to gain both trust and credibility.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part III of III)

This article provides your business with valuable insight to enhance your sales training for any negotiation. It examines how scarcity and authority influences how individuals perceive information.

Mutually Acceptable Agreements - Negotiation Guide (Part 1) - by Dr David Venter
Discover how to gain a better mutual negotiation outcome by understanding the positions of both negotiating parties. 5 general guidelines on how to enhance your agreements.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part II of III)

The third principle of persuasion according to Dr Robert Cialdini, is the the principle of "Social Proof". This Sales Negotiation principle states that we determine what is correct by finding out what other people think is correct

Negotiating with an unreasonable manager - by Calum Coburn
Learn how to deal with an unreasonable manager. This article will show you how to incorporate a negotiation style and give advice on the best time to have a meeting and make it right.

Persuasive Sales Negotiation (Part I of III)
Learn how your sales negotiation process and style can be enhanced through two of the principles of persuasion - Reciprocation and Consitency and Commitment.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Boss Doesn't Pay You More - by Calum Coburn

You're good at what you do, your boss loves your work, so why aren't you making more money? Yes, we all know it's unfair, but you're paid what you can negotiate.

Framing your Negotiations - by Dr David Venter

Research to consider when framing and reframing your negotiation language in a positive manner to increase the probability of your success - by Dr D Venter.

Raise your Salary through Negotiations - by Calum Coburn

Negotiate a higher salary with your employer. Get more value by expanding your negotiator skills for better pay, benefit, bonuses and promotions.

Effective Negotiation Tools
Learn the right negotiating tools to use in all your negotiations. Discover the positive way to make a sound business proposal for any situation.

Amazon Blames Google for Publishing Private Information - by Suki Mhay is no longer the epitome of online customer service. They allow our personal information to be accessable by search engines and blame the likes of Google when these details are published rather than owning up to their own responsibilities.

Sales Negotiation Strategy

Discover how your sales negotiations team can enhance their training programs. Increase the selling power of your company with any client.

BATNA Explained - by Dr David Venter

This article explains how a negotiator can use their BATNA to achieve a better bottom line instead of settling on a bad agreement.

What Bush doesn't want you to know about Iran's Nukes - by Calum Coburn (26 March 2007)

The Bush administration's accusation that Iran is building nuclear weapons is a smoke screen. This well researched article proves that the real Bush administration agenda centres on stealing Iran and Iraq's oil wealth.

Negotiation Persuasion - by Dr David Venter
When approached correctly, persuasion is potentially one of the most important skills in the armour of the business manager. Like power, persuasion can be a force of enormous good for our businesses and for all other aspects of society.

Consequences of Negotiation Failure - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
This article examines the consequences and results when people fail to negotiate.

Negotiating Common Ground - by Sebastian Herweg
Learn how negotiating parties can find and create common ground in any negotiation.

Organisational Sales Process Negotiations

Learn how to enhance the sales process negotiations strategy of your organisation. Increase your negotiator capability by using the support tools to achieve a better result.

Negotiation as a Corporate Capability (Part I of II)
This article discusses how to increase the negotiations and skills capability and knowledge base in the organisational sales process with all your clients.

Negotiation Across Cultural Boundaries - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
This article dicusses how a negotiator should approach the differences found in other cultures. Learn about the importance of physical gestures, physical contact, time, silence and much more.

Book Review: Getting to Yes - by Sebastian Herweg
The book review of Getting to Yes will be worthwhile for all negotiators. Learn the principles of negotiation tactics and how to negotiate with other people.

Positive Email Negotiations - by Professor Manie Spoelstra

Discover how to properly use email in your negotiations. Learn how to build rapport and develop a positive relationship by knowing how to create trust in the message you send

Negotiations Strategy
Every organisation must learn to apply a negotiation strategy with all their clients. Discover the four basic questions to ask in your negotiations process before you begin to negotiate.

Car Negotiation Guide

You wouldn't play poker against a guy called "Vegas", so don't go unprepared to negotiate with a black belt car dealer. Read this used and new car negotiating guide before setting foot on the dealer's lot.

How to Counter a Negotiator's Tactic (Part 2 of 2)
Do you know when to walk away while a negotiator uses a tactic against you. Learn how to recognise what the other party might use against you and how to counter any tactic.

Negotiator Differences in the Seller - Buyer Ploy (Part 1 of 2)
A negotiator might apply a different ploy when acting as either a buyer or a seller. Discover how to use any ploy in either situation to create an opportunity and get a more favourable price with your client

Referent Power Information Expertise
Expertise conveys integrity in the individual who possesses specialised information. Learn how you might counter the expert and how to understand the limits of their personal referent power

Coercive Power and Reward Power Tactic (Part 2 of 3)
Do you understand the different types of power that can offer rewards, obedience or be used as a threat? Learn the fundamentals of the reward power and coercive power tactics.

Negotiator Power Authority (Part 1 of 3)
As a negotiator, do you know the difference between power and authority? Learn how people use their position to influence and interact with their subordinates

Rapport Behaviour in Negotiations - by Wayne Berry
Do you know the verbal and body language to gauge your level of rapport in your negotiations? Discover how you can alter your signals and change the level of your interactions.

The Rule of Reciprocation - by Professor Manie Spoelstra
Learn the rule of reciprocation for all your negotiations. Discover when it is best to make a concession, retreat and what obligations are expected of you at the table

Relevant Resume Employment Experience - by Professor Manie Spoelstra

Learn how to make your employment resume stand out by knowing how to use the most relevant qualifications and experience that applies to the job or position

The Vision and Mission of the Organisation Paradigm - by JJ Murphy
Learn the new approach on how an organisation should state its mission, which includes a new perspective on its vision. Discover how effective new business strategies affect the values and focus of today's organisation.

The New Virtual Business Organisation - by JJ Murphy

Learn how the new virtual sciences have impacted the new management organisational paradigm. Discover how online technology has necessitated a re-think of traditional business strategy and how to meet these changes.

Resignation: Leaving your Job - by David Westbrook

Leaving your current job shouldn't result in a damaging future career hangover. This article shares the important strategies behind quitting right, together with a short resignation template letter.


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