Facilitated Video Review

Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our words, our facilitated video reviews still win our clients' highest praise.

How often have you walked away from a negotiation wondering:

  • “How could I have done even better?” or
  • “What did I miss?” or
  • “Why was that so tough?” or
  • “Why don't all my negotiations go as well as this deal?”

If these questions sound familiar, then you'll likely begin to understand how expert led video-feedback is the invaluable heart of behaviour change. Video feedback takes the guesswork out, by uncritically pinpointing key behaviours. The camera does not lie, and seeing and hearing is believing.

During the review, our Negotiation Expert will pause the video at key moments and ask the group to identify the good, the bad and... the ugly. We lead the negotiation discussion with a focus on driving home the strategies, tactics, tools and processes taught.

The proven results delivered by video feedback work best with group sizes no larger than 12. Role play simulations typically feature 2 teams, with coaching provided from preparation right through the deal making phases.

In-House Video Reviews

When used in conjunction with our Negotiation Diagnostic Profile™, our feedback will focus on leveraging your areas of greatest opportunity. Our in-house team role plays are typically custom written, from scratch (please be on your guard for negotiation training companies who claim to custom write role plays, but instead merely adjust their standard role plays).

Creating a role play:

  • Allows your team to negotiate, debate and solve their most prickly challenges together - raising your buttom line profit immediately,
  • Skills learned are directly relevant, and so can be put to use right away.

Soon after our time together, all delegates will receive a DVD copy of your negotiation, to evaluate in more depth at your leisure at home or in the office.


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