About Us

The Negotiation Experts (and our subsidiaries The Negotiation Academy and division Calum Coburn Associates) are together negotiation training solution providers. Our consultants are expert in various aspects of negotiations, and are guided and informed by our Value Creation Framework™ (VCF™). Our empirically proven VCF™ grew from our frustration with the interpersonally focussed and overly simplistic approaches being advocated by most training companies, and the dry theory biased academic models and trainings. We have collaborated with our clients over the years to develop and evolve a highly practical and comprehensive framework. Our VCF™ has been relied upon for success in commercial negotiations of all sizes, ranging up to mega deals of great complexity and risk that span various countries, industries and stretched out time periods.

Our VCF™ is Strategy led, and supported by processes, tools, composed of can be used across most industries.

intensive has evolved has process driven framework supported by tools instilling holistic, principle-centred competencies. Our vast cross cultural, cross industry experience enable us to assist our clients to achieve optimal negotiation outcomes across a range of disciplines and markets. The Negotiation Experts focuses on the following 4 key areas of training:

Whilst we are proud to be in partnership with some of the world's leading global organisations, we are equally excited at the opportunity of working with small to medium sized companies who display passion and innovation for their futures.

Delivery of The Negotiation Experts training and consulting solutions is executed by our certified Negotiation Experts. With an intimate knowledge of how to sell and negotiate in any climate, across all cultures, we specifically assist our clients to:

  • devise a formal corporate negotiation strategy
  • develop and apply supporting negotiation tools and processes
  • negotiate optimally across varying functional areas such as sales, purchasing and executive level
  • create internal negotiation training resources
  • achieve optimal results from particularly complex, deal specific negotiations
  • manage and resolve negotiation related conflict
  • have a real impact on bottom line objectives

Our industry specific experience enables our understanding of industry evolution, business challenges and relevant negotiation strategies and processes, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions customised to each client's varying needs. We also offer non-strategic solutions to accommodate different needs, budgets and time-scales.

Our Mission:

Guide clients in building a competitive advantage, through instilling a value creating negotiation capability.


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