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Matthew from United Kingdom asked:

"Advise me on negotiation training please - I run my own financial/strategic consultancy in the transport sector. I should like to sharpen up my negotition skills and also get a good introduction to the more formal/theorectical framework (eg in such areas as "pricing" etc)."

A Negotiation Expert Answered:

You say that you are interested in gaining a more formal/theoretical framework and would like to sharpen up your negotiation skills. We are confident that the Negotiating to Win More! methodology underpinning our training interventions will meet your consultancy needs. The Negotiating to Win More! methodology is first and foremost a practical model aimed at providing toolsets for use to deliver tangible results. It is based on research into and an understanding of the theory and practice that constitutes negotiations best practice. Negotiating to Win More! provides a much more formal and structured approach to negotiations than traditional negotiation skills training interventions.

With regards the investment costs associated with our negotiation skills training interventions, you can choose between our two main formats of engaging with clients:

  • Public Open Access Training Workshops
  • Our open access courses are available to anyone to attend and we present them in 4 formats:
    1. Negotiation Skills Best Practice (Foundation course for beginners & intermediate level negotiators)
    2. Advanced Negotiation Training
    3. Sales Negotiation Training
    4. Purchasing Negotiation Training

Open access training workshop content is based a combination of proven negotiation best practice and innovative negotiation solutions based on our experience. Based on my understanding of your requirement, the Sales Negotiation and Advanced Negotiation courses should be of greatest interest to you.

The pdf brochures are available on each relevant page on the site for you to peruse at leisure.

In house training workshops (2 options)

  • Bespoke content
  • Standard content

We prefer a minimum of 6 attendees to stage an in-house training workshop. Our engagement model is one that always commences with a discovery phase in which we work with our client to determine whether any customisation is required, or whether the best practice contained within our approach is sufficient to meet the assignments objectives. This ensures that content is highly relevant, associated risks are identified early on, and costs are managed optimally.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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