Strategic Negotiating Consulting

“Negotiations are won and lost away from the negotiating table”

Individuals and Organisations rely upon The Negotiation Experts' comprehensive consultancy services.

We typically place a strong emphasis on the Preparation Phase in which we work with clients in thoroughly analysing the negotiation, identifying and understanding the issues, positions and interests of the parties and scanning the internal and external scenarios. Using our comprehensive Value Creation Framework™ as a roadmap, we're able to assist clients in navigating their own deals - no matter how complex, challenging, large, high risk, or whether in new markets or involving new products or services.

In the Strategic Planning consultancy phase we assist clients in developing a negotiating strategy by assessing objectives, priorities, mandates and contingency options as well as those of the other side. We analyse both party's strengths and weaknesses, the relative power balance between them and the possibility of power-building where appropriate having regard, at all times, to the relationship between the parties and the opportunity to add value to the negotiation wherever possible.

Where large or complex deals require team preparation or team negotiation - our Negotiation Experts advise clients on the composition, structuring, roles and coordination of their negotiation team. A popular choice is role play training using custom written case studies designed to mirror the upcoming deal. Advanced split screen video technology is often used in the review of this video to provide immediate personal feedback to all negotiators.

We work with the most progressive organisations in planning how to create and maintain negotiation as a Corporate Capability to achieve a competitive advantage in their industries. By putting in place the most appropriate reward and support structures, together with feedback and self-learning systems, a sustained competitive advantage can be enjoyed - with a reduced need for our services.

Finally we assist clients in convening and facilitating negotiation meetings.


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