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David from United Kingdom asked:

"I am a chartered surveyor with substantial experience who has just this year branched out on my own as consultant and agent. I am interested in looking at moving in to corporate training as a career. I have extensive "on the job "experience. Could you please advise me?"

A Negotiation Expert Answered:

We hope your recent move into self employment has been successful. We think you would benefit from the following actions:

  1. Attend a Train-the-Trainer course such as that offered by Herrmann International; visit for an overview of the organisations core competency, and how engaging with them might benefit your training objectives.
  2. In your approach to consulting and training, focus on one or two areas of core competence. It is difficult to be credible as an expert on a wide range of capabilities.
  3. Market yourself to training companies as an associate trainer.
  4. Market yourself to end users as an expert resource citing specific examples to support your claims.
  5. The Negotiation Academy-Australia is a specialist negotiation training and consulting organisation head quartered in Sydney. We also offer generic and customised executive management / leadership training and coaching. We adopt an holistic, principle centred approach to communicating.

If you would like to discuss the benefit of any of our training offerings, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Wishing you continued success with your business ventures.

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