Negotiation Diagnostic Profiling

Would you find it useful to gauge your team or company's areas of negotiation strength and weakness? We will identify whether your group is homogeneous, or if their level of skills vary greatly. We also seek to find out what is already working well and how the group differs in their profile of deals.

What do you stand to gain by having us diagnose your team or company's negotiation strengths and weakness?

  1. We know what questions to ask which ensures that you get the answers you need.
  2. Your staff will tell us exactly how it is, knowing that their anonymity is assured. Your staff won't feel the need to change their answers to make a positive impression.
  3. Our experience gives us expert insight into how your results compare to others in similar roles and industries.

Results often surprise senior management, revealing blindspots and areas of opportunity to unlock value, and develop skills and competencies. Results are shared in the form of aggregated graphs together with a confidential conversation. It's at this point that we decide whether to create a proposal or not. Your profile results and our conversation are instrumental giving us an in-depth understanding of your negotiation context, profiles and needs. All essential when it comes to shaping your negotiation solution.

The Negotiation Diagnostic Profiles will take 15 minutes to complete.

Contact us to discuss having your team profiled.

Sample Question and graphical client response report:
"What percentage of your negotiations have mutual trust and collaboration?"
negotiation diagnostic profile


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