Business Ethics

The Negotiation Experts is proud to be an environmentally friendly profit focussed company. We take our responsibility to empower clients with negotiation skills very seriously. Our conscience guides us in choosing which clients to work with. Our business ethics prevents us from working with unethical companies, whilst giving discounted rates to non profit organisations.

We consider it unethical to work with tobacco companies, who are now focussing on growing their sales by getting more youth in the developing world to smoke. Similarly, we won't  work with companies of questionable ethics - such as Exxon Mobil and Monsanto. We choose not to work with military arms manufacturers, and are opposed to both war and a One World Government / New World Order.

Fortunately negotiation services don't create much pollution. We have established practices to ensure all offices around the world are as paperless as possible, and recycle wherever permitted.

The Negotiation Experts is an equal opportunities employer who does not discriminate on race or gender in either our employment or promotion practices.


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