Value Creation Framework™

We owe a debt of gratitude to our clients for generously sharing their feedback over the years on our Value Creation Framework™ and supporting toolsets. Without clients’ collaboration in refining and proving the value of our strategies, toolsets, and processes in the tough and tempered world of their commercial negotiations, our Value Creation Framework™ could not have evolved to where it is today. At the heart of our training solutions sits our Value Creation Framework™ - a comprehensive map and compass that many professional business negotiators and cross functional negotiation teams have come to rely upon.

Our Value Creation Framework™ follows the natural structure of negotiation:

  1. Preparation: Strategy driven, focussed on creating value, supported by toolsets and processes.
  2. Engagement: Deployment of advanced relationship focussed persuasion and influence technologies.
  3. Review: Feedback systems ensure the development of an Organisational Negotiation Competency.

A robust negotiation framework is imperitive to consistently achieving profitable results that are above those of your competition.


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