Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions to assist you in deciding if we are the right provider for you needs.

  1. What does the course fee include?
  2. Public access course fees include the following:
    • Pre-training negotiation preference and competency online profiles
    • PDF copy of the training slides and preparation tool-sets
    • Lunch, teas and coffees (biscuits or fruit when available - please advise of your dietary preferences)
    • On-line Assessment together with full qualifying Certification (In-house training only)
    • DVD copy of advanced video recorded case study simulation
    • A friendly and highly skilled Negotiation Expert facilitating your rapid and fun learning

  3. How many people attend a public course?
  4. To ensure you enjoy more personal feedback and have all your questions answered, smaller group sizes are important to us. So the typical course ranges between 6 to 10 delegates, with a maximum of 12. Should delegates rise above this level, we will either schedule another training or bring in a second expert/trainer.

  5. Are all courses the same duration?
  6. Public access training varies in duration as follows:

    In-house training interventions are tailored to each clients' needs and budget. So we usually agree on the ideal programme and length of training after talking together about your needs, and looking through and evaluating the results of your team/company's negotiation profiling competencies and areas of challenge. Our engagement model comprises of a number of stages, each stage concluding with our feedback flowing back to the client in order to make important decisions for the next stage.

  7. Where is training held?
  8. Our public training courses are usually hosted at centralised city hotels. As you might expect, being a negotiation company means we have negotiated discounted room rates for all attendees. Just mention our name to the hotel and ask for the discounted rate. Whilst we do not handle the booking of your accomodation, we are of course happy to assist in whatever way we can should you require.

    In-house customised training venues are usually arranged by our clients, but can be arranged by us if the client prefers. Whilst most clients elect to use their offices to save on costs, we would like to urge clients to consider the disruptive influence of being too close to email, the phone, meetings and other colleagues. For these reasons, please consider hosting your meeting far enough away from your staff's usual place of work so as to prevent distractions.

  9. Can we learn more about the Trainers?
  10. Certainly - please feel free to review our Consulting Board member profiles online for a view of their professional backgrounds and skill sets. All Expert Board members are certified TNA Experts and possess a wealth of commercial experience and have assisted many clients in achieving their commercial goals. Experts are typically allocated to training engagements based on optimal suitability in respect of training objectives, industry and other clients requirements.

  11. Do we need to do any pre-course preparation?
  12. Yes - we rely on a number of online profiling tools to get to know more about you, your preferences, strengths, areas of challenge and opportunity. Your profile results enable our experts to give you more personalised and detailed feedback as you progress in your development. The profiling tools vary depending on your choice of training. Profiling is quick, simple, and painless! Each requires less than 30 minutes online prior to training. Delegates are provided with detailed, personalised reports during training. All your answers are kept strictly confidential, and will only ever be shared with others after gaining your full approval.

    Should you have sufficient time and interest to read a book prior to attending the course, please do call us to discuss which book may be most appropriate to your negotiation level and commercial reality.

  13. Do you offer any toolsets for use after the training?
  14. Yes - depending on your course of choice, you will be trained and coached in the use of a number of toolsets and useful frameworks. We are happy to provide all attendees and clients with both hard and soft copies of all toolsets after trainings. Should you be interested in discovering whether any of our tools not directly covered in your particular course may be of use to you, we would be delighted to share these in a confidential meeting together.

  15. What qualification will I have after completing the course and passing the exam?
  16. The Negotiation Academy presents each delegate with a certificate of accomplishment upon successful completion of training and our online post-training examination. It's important that each you not only get the most from your training, but also that you do pass the examination. To ensure you pass, we offer you free follow up coaching with an expert to ensure you pass the exam the first or second time around.

  17. What is the balance between lecturing and doing practical exercises?
  18. Over 70% practical and applied. It's our experience and firm belief that you achieve the best long-term learning and trust your enhanced skills and toolsets more through use. Negotiation is very much an applied business practice used between living breathing humans. So rest assured that you will be engaged in a variety of case studies and simulations, skill building exercises, discussion groups, challenging Q&A's, and feeedback sessions. So expect to hear us lecturing for less then 30% of our time together.

  19. Do you have theoretical or practical/emperical bias?
  20. Although our comprehensive framework is informed from Harvard and related Academic research, and our trainers possess significant academic training, we have a commercially emperical bias. Our framework has been tempered from the commercial rigours of our regular clients. This means that our tools and advice have been tested in business by senior negotiators, and is therefore emperically sound. Our ongoing modelling projects mean that the latest negotiation practices and technologies are regularly discovered and augment our framework further.

  21. How will enhanced negotiation skills affect my career prospects?
  22. This varies greatly, depending no your chosen career path. For those climbing the corporate ladder, promotions usually lead to greater responsibilities and more client or partner/supplier facing negotiations. Behind the scenes it's usually reported that internal negotiations are often far tougher. In fact, it's all to often that we notice managers and executives gaining promotions due largely to their powers of persuasion and influence, rather than their overall job performance. For those involved in sales or in growing small to medium sized companies, enhancing deal winning skills is a source of competitive advantage necessary in today's tougher commercial environment. Procurement and purchasing managers see not only greater savings and value add to the organisations, but they are also trusted and consulted on purchases earlier on in the cycle and at a more strategic level.

  23. What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my public course booking?
  24. We aim to accommodate participants as far as possible regarding postponed bookings. Please call as soon as possible in this regard, we will be as flexible as possible to accommodate you. A new registration process will be initiated. You can choose to find someone suitable take your place. The following provisions shall apply to cancellation by the Client of any training services: Notice of cancellations received less than 21 days prior to the start date the Client shall be liable to pay 50% of the fees. Notice of cancellations received more than 21 days prior to the start date of the training, the Client shall be entitled to receive a full refund.

  25. How do I know which course is right for me?
  26. Our Negotiation Experts are available 5 days a week (and often 7 days a week) to get to grips with your challenges and provide you with confidential detailed advice. Our courses are specialised and highly focused, and it is important to ensure that you select the right course. Full course details are provided on-line together with detailed course brochures. If you require additional information over and above this, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, concerns and/or any other issues.

  27. Are the other delegates in the same position/role as me?
  28. Delegates attending a specific course will vary in profession, background and experience levels. However, delegates on the same course will usually share similar objectives in respect of skills development. We find that the greater the variety in the group, the more interesting the case study and role play simulations. We encourage our delegates to interact fully to maximise the learning experience. All courses offer you ample opportunity to contribute to your groups learning - most especially the Advanced Training. Delegates often report having learned a great deal from other delegates, and sometimes make invaluable contacts that greatly enhance their business network.

  29. Where can I learn more about what previous clients have said about the courses?
  30. Please visit our clients page to view a sample of what previous attendees have said about our training interventions - the good and the very occasional not so good. For in-house requirements, we would be happy to provide written and/or telephonic client references - just ask.

  31. What time does the course start and end?
  32. Whilst you will receive this information in your joining instructions email, most public trainings are fairly similar in their timings. Most courses start by 9:15, and finish by 17:30. Some courses may run to 18:00, with Friday trainings finishing closer to 17:00 to accommodate those with flights and other travel requirements. Please do discuss your timing constraints with us as soon as possible to enable us to make a plan together.

  33. How will my specific eating preferences be accommodated?
  34. Your on-line registration will enquire about your specific needs, whether eating, physical, visual or other.

  35. What if I need a little extra assistance?
    • deepening your skills and understanding further,
    • understand your profiling results and planning what actions to take,
    • receive personalised detailed feedback,
    • better prepare for case studies
    • discuss and explore a current or upcoming negotiation.
  36. Should you require 1:1 coaching during the course, please talk directly with your trainer. Our Negotiation Experts arrive early and often stay late to assist you in: We just ask that you please give our training expert as much notice as possible to enable them to accommodate you. This service is offered to all attendees at no additional charge.

  37. Are there any course handouts?

  38. Yes - after the training, you will receive a DVD copy of your video taped final day simulation together with soft copies of preparation tool-sets employed on the course.

  39. Can I have a view of the agenda before training?
  40. Yes - the course brochure provides an outline of what you can expect each day.

  41. How do I pursue business opportunities with The Negotiation Academy?
  42. We are always interested in hearing from professionals who share a passion for negotiation. For those interested in partnering with our organisation on a consulting/training basis, please contact us to talk through your skills, situation and any opportunities we may be offering.



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