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Sales Negotiation Training

Investment in sales negotiation skills development is absolutely imperative for the successful sales executive. Heightened awareness of both parties' sales negotiation competencies and personal preferences significantly increases success rates.

Not satisfied with average or good outcomes, The Negotiation Academy has designed this highly interactive workshop to change the sales gear from average to awesome. Delegates will learn how to:

  • identify, pursue and successfully close opportunities
  • deploy proven tools to manage sales performance and skills development
  • learn the critical art of questioning to understand their prospects' needs in detail
  • deploy framing to enhance their communications
  • understand the impact of their personal sales negotiation style
  • use a concession strategy to protect value whilst ensuring a fair exchange
  • adopt a process based approach to sales negotiation
  • acquire increased confidence through effective preparation and application of proven tools
  • understand cross cultural sales negotiations
  • manage potential conflict within a sales negotiation
  • creating common ground
  • moving from positions to interests
  • Develop a Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) - empowering the professional to walk away from sub-optimal agreements.
  • Develop and deploy innovative sales strategies and processes to support the sales cycle
  • Identify and successfully counter sales negotiation tactics
  • learn effective team management and development strategies
  • successfully facilitate team composition

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