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Negotiation Cornerstones

We are negotiating almost all the time. Whether with business partners, clients, suppliers, colleagues or family members, the success of our outcomes depends entirely on our understanding of the negotiation and communication process. When engaged in negotiations where your skill as a negotiator may prevent losses, increase gains or enhance circumstances for you or your organisation, it is imperative that you invest in your capability to:

  • Prepare effectively
  • Understand the needs & interests of all parties involved
  • Conclude better agreements through creativity
  • Identify potential barriers or hindrances to the engagement
  • Adopt a collaborative approach to ensuring trust, rapport and long term gains

The Negotiation Academy has developed an award winning framework specifically designed to improve your negotiating performance. We call it Value Creation and it forms the back bone of all our consulting and training engagements.

The Value Creation framework is based on a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical business negotiation experience to provide you with a due diligence framework that aims to instil best practice, principle-centred negotiation skills. Delegates attending this course will benefit from the following example of learning outcomes:

  • Steer positional/tactical negotiations to a collaborative environment
  • Move from claiming value to creating value
  • Avoid leaving money/value on the table
  • Convert challenging relationships into rewarding relationships
  • Understand their own personal negotiation style and the impact thereof
  • learn effective team management and development strategies

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