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Buyers Negotiation Course

What strategies and actions can you deploy to enhance the outcomes of your negotiations with suppliers, internal departments, colleagues and other stakeholders?

When engaged in procurement negotiations where your skill as a negotiator may prevent losses and increase the gains for you and your organisation, how can you significantly increase your capability to:

  • prepare effectively
  • understand and consider the needs and interests of all parties
  • manage the impact of your personal negotiation style per engagement
  • generate greater value through creativity
  • successfully address all key elements of the negotiation cycle through optimal preparation, engagement and review
  • countering tough objections and taking control through skilful use of language framing
  • understanding the impact of your personal negotiation style on others
  • managing potential conflict, tactics and positional negotiators
  • successfully facilitating team composition, team performance and feedback
  • using proven persuading and influencing techniques to gain more 'yesses'.
  • fostering collaborative relationships with difficult colleagues
  • subtly taking control in meetings and growing your power base
  • reading unconscious non verbal give-aways and controlling your own

The Negotiation Academy has developed an award winning framework specifically designed to improve the buyers negotiating performance. Our Value Creation training framework forms the back bone of all our consulting and training engagements and is supported by various best practice, proven tools and processes. The framework is based on a combination of sound academic theory and significant practical business negotiation experience to provide you with a due diligence framework that will ensure that you are able to:

  • understand and improve each individual negotiation relationship
  • ensure full understanding and application of total cost of ownership
  • avoid leaving value on the table
  • identify and counter negotiation tactics
  • recognise and successfully manage potential conflict
  • move from claiming value to creating value
  • apply a principle-centred, collaborative approach to purchasing negotiation
  • learn effective team management and development strategies
  • successfully facilitate team composition



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