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Advanced Negotiation Training

The Advanced Negotiation Training requires that you be granted admittance. Your negotiation experience will be assessed from either a phone call interview or reviewing your responses to our proprietary Negotiation Diagnostic Profile.

Is this the right course for you?

Our clients' senior negotiators tell us how bored they felt on foundational negotiation courses. They needed to elevate their negotiated business results through upping their game via an improved negotiation skillset, strategies, toolsets and tactics. Our clients' Negotiators felt that they needed a negotiation course that would prepare them for their commercial challenges and complexities. Which of the below are true for you?

  • Larger value, with more visibility, recognition and reputation at stake.
  • Negotiating in teams, where colleagues' goals are not sufficiently aligned.
  • Multiple stakeholders at and away from the table.
  • Aggressive negotiators seeking to claim value, where goals are more competing than aligned.
  • Interlinking goals, requiring advanced tools to carefully package the best bundles.
  • Deals taking longer to prepare and tie up, with unforgiving tight deadlines.
  • Disparity in power, made worse by hidden personal agendas.
  • Tight overlap between walk-away levels, exacerbated by overly ambitious opening positions.
  • At stake are the business' or project's viability. Where a miscalculation has a measurable impact on profit. These are often the 'must win' deals.
  • More ground needing to be covered, negotiated across many meetings, including related products and services.

Listen to our clients

We touch base with our graduates several months after the Advanced Negotiation Training via our post training online negotiation assessment. We also talk and exchange emails. Through listening carefully, we have learned what our clients have found most valuable in their commercial negotiations in the months and year following their graduation. This is what our graduates are telling us:

  • Your preparation toolsets are part of the secret to our success in creating and capturing value on our tougher big deals. We're better equipped to put together optimal packages.
  • Increasing turnover and margins through applying the Trading Plan.
  • Building more team and internal consensus and alignment.
  • Knowing where and how to coach my staff to improve their negotiate preparation and results. Saving me time from less fire fighting and consistently better results.
  • Taking the pressure off my team by knowing how to agree our most important goals first.
  • Directing my team effectively in their roles through the preparation and face to face phases of our negotiations.
  • Quickly understanding others' goals and the ranking of each goal, to create lucrative optimal trades.
  • Better at managing my body language give-aways that were revealing too much.
  • I now know what to look and listen for to understand how others really feel, most importantly when they're saying they're at their limit.
  • More confident in getting a good deal from confrontational hard nosed negotiators, knowing how to prevent them from claiming my scalp.
  • The personal in-depth expert video feedback was a very rich and high impact learning experience. The video doesn't lie, especially seeing both sides using the split screen cameras. I can see my progress between each negotiation from the DVD.
  • Knowing how and when to keep the style collaborative or competitive.
  • Building my power base, especially important when I'm at a power deficit.
  • The reassuring feeling of being well prepared.
  • More trusting relationships that result more value being created, and shorter time to closure.
  • Stacking influence and persuasion techniques massively increases my chances of gaining agreement, without my having to give away anything extra.
  • Quickly disqualifying low to no profit opportunities.
  • Using and defending against tactics that are now obvious to my trained eyes.
  • Creating value and claiming more of the value.
  • Confidently reframing our way through the toughest of objections.
  • Sharpening our game through reviewing and giving each other feedback after every important meeting. Capturing and sharing lessons in the form of stories.
  • Subtly taking control and keeping control of meetings using outcome frames, well crafted questions, the agenda, and focus from team roles.
  • Adjusting my approach to the people I need to influence through using personality profiling. Selecting team roles based on their profiles.
  • Each case studies' growing complexity was great at allowing me to use the skills being taught, and to stretch my boundaries.
  • Defending and expanding our market share, in the face of commoditisation.
  • The post training assessment was a handy reminder of the course some months afterwards. I appreciated seeing the reasons why I didn't score 100% on some answers.
  • Being more flexible and adaptive when negotiating across cultures and with opposite personalities.
  • I'm assessed on my business results. So I can often see the direct impact from your course, since negotiation and persuasion get results. Thanks for your role in my achieving my KPI's, and being rewarded with my promotion and increased responsibility!

We're guided by our best in class Value Creation Framework, when we invite you to share in our below outcomes:

  • Take charge of your ongoing evolution as a business negotiator. Negotiators are self made, nobody's born a negotiator.
  • Feel reassuringly confident, knowing that you've prepared effectively, and have the skills needed to agree a high value deal.
  • Achieve consistently good to outstanding negotiation outcomes.
  • Successfully persuade and influence across your groups of stakeholders, managers and leaders, suppliers, team, colleagues, government and others. The higher up the corporate ladder you wish to rise, the more you will need to master the skills of persuasion, influencing and negotiation.

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